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About DoZ
Based roughly in a fictional rundown 1920-1950s, Decayed of Zombies -or DoZ for short- takes place on a large island with British-American style cities. The world is steadily falling apart, and is in a state of semi-chaos. The undead walk the world and many other creatures and things as well, some which are better off left unmentioned. The two main factions of the game, however, are the humans and the zombies. The humans and zombies are at war, with the zombies currently coming out on top, but in place has been set a mutual cease-fire that is shaky at best, and non-existent in most cases anyhow, with each side killing any member of the other on site.

Taking control of a zombie, the player has the starting option of what general 'type' of zombie to be. This choice reflects the starting stats of the player in minor ways, but the actual path the player chooses is forged as he or she plays. There is no 'leveling' in the traditional sense of the word, but rather, the player's stats increase depending on what he or she kills most. The player never actually increases in level, so power is gained through what weapons one acquires and how one trains.Decayed of Zombies strives to break out of the typical sword wielding fantasy games and tries to offer a more unique experience. Swords a few and guns even fewer, but rather, players must fight for the better equipment and the common weapons are but makeshift ones. Chains and broken bottles are the norm in DoZ weaponry, and if you someone carrying a weapon you like, take it from them. Decayed of Zombies is PvP in most areas, although in some places one can find refuge from the wholesale slaughter of the world around them. Life for the undead and living is alike in one sense only: You must fight to survive. You will perish quickly if you don't find a balance in the game, whether it be as a loner ambushing people on highways, or part of a clan. Clans are usually the best bet, so try to find others in-game who you can relate to, and ally (I use that word lightly) yourself with them.

Clans or gangs can, for a sum, purchase a place of their own which is usually a place where one may rest from the constant struggles of life and chat with other members or even store items. It takes a certain amount of upkeep a day to keep a guild hall, and you can buy halls of varying sizes, from small dumpy backrooms to extravagant hideouts but the bigger it is, the more you must pay.

You can store items you don't need (Always keep your best on you) in the hall, and they will stay there unless another player picks them up. You basically share a storeroom with your guild, and can keep items there that you think another member may want. Be warned, though: other guilds can get together and raid your halls and you, their's. If you fall in battle, your equipped items are up for grabs, whether it is he who killed you, a passerby, or a friend you saves them for you. Thus, it is always good to keep a second set of equipment in your inventory, as only your equipped items are lost.

Skills are another attribute of DoZ, although this is of course, not an uncommon feature in MMOs. You can use any of an array of skills if you have learned them, but they cost Blood to use. Your Blood is essentially the equivalent of MP or SP in other games, and you can drink bottles of blood to recharge your overall Blood points, as well as through selective killing you can raise the amount of Blood you can hold in you at a given time. As you might have guessed, we offer a decent sized world with multiple terrains, such as forests, desserts, mountains, snowfields, barren terrain, beaches, devastated cities, and more. This is along with the obligatory caves and crypts a well experienced looter seeks after, and of course, quests for those who wish to lend a hand... as long as they're well rewarded in return.


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