This game is a MMORPG. The idea is to have as many people playing at once as possible in an interactive and enjoyable world.

Your goal as a new zombie is to make for yourself what you can in this world with your inherited powers and weaknesses. You rely on blood as the source of your power as well as your physical strength.

Through cunning and power you will strive to make yourself in the post-apocalyptic world. You can start a guild of fellow zombies and purchase your very own home base and participate in raids and attacks with your allies and enemies or you can go it alone and take all the power and glory for yourself.

Game Features:
  • Advanced alpha-blending for visual sky effects
  • 100% Home-grown server and client code. This is no cheap copy-clone MMO.
  • Skills and special powers create effects and allow you to specialize your zombie.
  • Own your own guild and guild hall.
  • Participate in special player events like scavenger hunts and deadly dungeon runs.
Best of all its 100% FREE to play! The DoZ team works on this game to exercise our creativity and because we enjoy MMO's just like you!


The DoZ Team hopes you enjoy the game!


Decayed of Zombies, Copyright 2006 by Dracsoft. Website by Shrike.